Generation of Dreamers is the proud parent company to Baltimore's Gifted. This brand was born and bred in adversity. In our commitment to social innovation and philanthropy, works by Baltimore's Gifted artist will be featured and marketed with Generation of Dreamers. Beginning November 2017, 10% of each sale from be be donated to Baltimore's Gifted.


Baltimore's Gifted

Baltimore's Gifted is a self funded art & e-commerce initiative for Baltimore youth. The project is designed to serve as an entrepreneurial tool and digital platform providing a for youth to showcase and sell their original visual art as well as art derived apparel and reproductions while learning career skills in a real world setting. We work on behalf of youth artist to sell their original artwork and art derived reproductions including: apparel, coffee mugs, pillows, tote bags, phone cases, and canvas & posters. Youth retain 80% of net sales!

With the help of a dedicated advisory team, participates work through a self paced action plan to meet their personal and professional development goals and to better express their needs. By phase 3, participants will have the opportunity to operate the project through paid executive, management, and marketing roles. Youth that decide to take on professional roles will have real world working experience to add to a resume before they graduate high school or college; or access to opportunities and resources to better equip them for a freelance career.